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Boston Terriers

Our Bostons are yet another passion/obsession!


Bostons are the most amazing dogs ever put on this earth! They are not dogs, they are little people. Anyone who has ever had one knows exactly what I mean. We have been "sort of" breeding them for over 40 years and are totally addicted to the puppies and our girls. If you come for a visit, don't wear shorts as you will be thoroughly greeted by our "herd" of Bostons and they love to jump. Something I have never been able to train any Boston not to do, so I've given up.  They believe you are there just to see them, so please remember, this is their home. If you don't like dogs, don't come.


As addicted as we are to having puppies, we don't continually breed our girls and sometimes do not have a litter for several years.  It has been over 5 years since our last litter.  Our dogs have all been AKC registered through the years. When Squeak was born, she had two brothers with tails, one with a full tail and we did not think they should be registered so as a result, Squeak and Jelly are not registered, although could have been AKC registered. Sometimes I regret not registering them and DNA later proved them to be purebred, those papers are only important if you are showing and has nothing to do with their personalities and value as home pets. 


Our puppies are sold with their first shots, wormed and dewclaws removed. The puppies are handled from day one and we play with them every day, all day when they are ready. Our babies are very well socialized before leaving. We start paper training them as soon as they can walk. Most have learned to sit and some even shake before leaving to their new lives.  We do not ship puppies. It is too traumatic for them. We have shipped goats all over the world and shipped animals are put in cargo where it is a horrifying experience that we will never put our babies through. 


We will not sell to puppy mills or kennels or even to those who keep them kenneled all day. If you don't let your pets on the furniture or in bed with you, please do not inquire.  These are our children and their future homes are very important to us. Bostons have been bred for generations to be a companion dog and that is what they are! Their main goal in life is to be your best friend and please you.  They do not belong in a kennel or in that kind of environment. They are people and need to be an important part of your family and loving home. 

Currently no puppies available. 

Helen Keller had the pleasure of being loved by one of these amazing dogs whose name was Sir Thomas.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart."

Helen Keller

Jelly & Pumpkin.jpg
Pumpkin basket.jpg
Pumpkin sharing a meal23.jpg
Pumpkin 23.jpg
Pumpkin waiting.jpg


After Loosing Annie and Squeak's health failing and Jeremy and Kris loosing Made In, we decided to breed Jelly to replenish our supply! Her first breeding did not take as the male ended up sterile. She definitely looked pregnant on her second breeding, but I couldn't feel any puppies. Time came and she had three but we lost them to breach and a birth defect. We were absolutely crushed. I called everyone I could think of, their neighbors and their neighbors cousins, to see if I could find her a puppy to nurse. After a day, all I could find was a 4 week old Boston puppy. We wanted a puppy anyway and if it didn't work, I would rather have any puppy at 4 weeks so we bond from the beginning. We brought that puppy home to a very sad Jelly and that pup started nursing right away. Jelly was smitten! When Pumpkin was done nursing, she turned around and started biting with 4 week old shark teeth. Jelly was certain she just gave birth to a demon child!!! Jelly nursed that pup until she was 5 months old and only stopped because Pumpkin lost interest and stopped. She absolutely loves the goats and never leaves our side. Her first summer we had goat kids everywhere for several exports and she was always in the pens with them, sometimes sharing a meal as in the picture above. She is quite the character and a bundle of energy, full of life, and quite a unique personality.


Jelly Bean

Jelly bean was the smallest and quietest of the pups and we weren't sure about her and felt she needed to stay with us. The world is her oyster and she is truly amazed by everything in it. Rules don't pertain to her. She gives you that look that makes you melt  and you can't possibly stand your ground. She learns from all the others and picks up the one thing that gets them the most attention which is not always a good thing.  No matter how busy you are, when she wants your attention, you need to give it. I thought Annie loved being in bed, Jelly Bean has her beat!


Made In China & Taz


The city girls come home to the farm on the weekends and inevitably get exhausted within hours. It is hilarious to watch them fight the fatigue, barely able to keep their eyes open. Pictures of them as they give in and collapse on a stone pathway, close enough to keep an eye on Kris and in the way enough to give him a hint that it's time to go in for a nap, Taz drinking from the Lambar, looking out the window when they hear a diesel truck going by hoping that Grandma has come to get them and take them to the farm, Made In  forever with a ball in her mouth, and Taz trying out the baby carrier. Made In passed over the rainbow bridge leaving Taz an only child. 

Loosing a Boston is unimaginably painful. Unless you have loved and been loved by one of these amazing beings, you can't possibly understand. The bond they have with you are like no other and you can't imagine going on without them and yet you are forced to do so. I repeat Helen Keller's quote

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart."

These are a few of those who have forever touched our heart;  




Squeak .....well,..... squeaks......a lot! Lots of Boston seem to squeak at times and her mom, Lacie seemed to squeak more than most. Well, her children all squeaked more than any. Squeak goes way beyond that and is something of a squeak toy, making the loudest noises with the slightest of touches and if you've invaded her space in the middle of the night, no need open your eyes, you know exactly who you are touching! She is sweet and so affectionate like her momma and is always looking to play ball. She will hold a ball in her mouth and push it onto your chair and stand there as still as she can until you notice her. She also regularly watches TV and looks forward each week for her favorite show, America's Funniest Home Videos. Her two brothers had tails, one had a full tail so we decided not to register any of her litter so she is not registered.  It has been years since we had puppies and when we decided to breed Squeak, we are really looking forward to having the pitter patter of lots of tiny feet running through the house again. That pitter patter was more like a pack of wild wolves at times but we love it just the same. She gave us four perfect little girls and parting with any of them seemed impossible but somehow we settled on one, Jelly Bean. During covid, she developed what we thought was cataracts. It was futile to find a specialist but when our vet was here on another reason, he said he thought it was glaucoma from Lyme disease. He was right. We struggled with that for years  until she eventually had both eyes removed. After the second eye was removed, she started having seizures and her health went downhill rapidly. I miss her so much, especially cold nights as she was my foot warmer. 



Annie Banannie was a rescue that had gone through a few homes to her forever home here. At one point she was a puppy mill breeder and as a result couldn't get her belly full and was often found with her head buried in the food dish. She was going to be put down for aggression when introduced to strangers and we begged to get her. Annie was such a loving and amazing dog, I can't imagine having her put down for any reason. She was a work in progress though, starting housebreaking from scratch and teaching her she can't chase everything that moves. The goats were easy. She found out they gave milk and loved them right away for that very reason. The horses and chickens were harder. Until the day she could no longer see them from cataracts, she stalked and walked in and around the chickens with contempt in her eyes. She was the biggest bed hog, first in, last out and took up as much space as all of us put together. I will never forget her first time in the bed. She clearly was never in a bed in her life, and you can't imagine her reaction. She just rolled and drug her belly on the bed like it was the best thing she ever experienced. She was also the biggest cusser we have ever seen. If you are not paying attention to her, she lets 'er rip! Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Annie. She was one of a kind and had the best years of her life here and we really miss her quirky ways. 

Starfire's Lil'Miss Independence


At a very early age, 4 1/2 weeks, she decided she was NOT one of  "THEM"! Since we only had three puppies in her litter, we left the whelping box door open so they could come and go as they pleased all the time. From the time she could walk, she would stay in the living room with us and almost never paid any attention to Pip and her other sister who were still not confident enough to venture far from the box alone. She had a whole different outlook on life, an only child, forced to live with siblings. She had a very different and amazing personality and was the light of my life for her few short years with us. My heart breaks for her every single day...

Starfire's Miss-A-Pippi


Pippi, littemate to Lil'Miss, was just as sweet as her mother, Panda was and then some. Pippi was fine with whatever you wanted to do. Happily went along with everything you did. She was first and foremost a daddy's baby and if he was sitting, she was on his lap! Hazen put it as simple as anyone when he said she was so cute you could just eat her up! She was our cute and cuddly little princess.  We lost her to cancer in 2018. 

China Mae

China was our city girl, belonging to Kris and Jeremy. When she and her daughter, Made-In China, came home to the farm on the weekends, you could occasionally find China dipping her head into the milk replacer, chicken feed or even the pasteurizer bucket getting that last drop and they both enjoyed playing in the stream....right before time to go back home  

Starfire's Dora


Our little Dora gave birth to her first and last litter of puppies in February of 2008 when she was 4 years old. Dora tried to nurse both her mother's litter and her sister, BB's two litters, so we finally let her have her own.  She had to have a C-section and unlike most Boston Terrier breeders, we will not put our dogs through that on purpose, so she was spayed.  Dora has OCD... she is constantly licking, so much so that she wore her front teeth out! Most Bostons do and we named our first Boston Licorice for that very reason, but Dora went above and beyond that. She just couldn't keep that tongue in her mouth. 

Starfire's Panda Bear

My heart is still breaking over our beautiful Panda. Panda was stolen in August of 2010  by Boston breeders in our area. I put posters on every pole in our county and ads in every news paper around. They didn't want to give her back but in a bazar parking lot transfer we got her back.  From that point on, I never left the house that she didn't gather up my shoes and sleep with them until I returned. It didn't matter if I was gone for 5 minutes to the barn, she would be laying with one or two of my shoes when I returned. Putting on my shoes is just not the same anymore.....   

 Starfire's Miss Millie                                                                     Starfire's Miss Attitude              

Millie and her granddaughter Missy were two of the most amazing  dogs we have ever had the pleasure of being loved by. There are no words to express the love these two brought into our lives nor how much we miss them. 

Starfire's BBG (Beautiful Baby Girl!)

BB was a wonderful mother and nursed her mother's litters before she ever gave birth herself. She actually came into milk every time which amazed our vet. Nothing surprises us when it comes to these amazing dogs. They will mother anything if given the chance.  After having her leg amputated March 2009, BB lost her battle with cancer 6 months later.  


Lacie, one of the very few Bostons not born here, was only in our little herd of Bostons for a short time but left a huge hole. She was neglected and abused and took some time to trust us, but trust she did. She never let me get out of her sight and fretted if I was gone. She was almost never without a ball...or two, in her mouth, even sound asleep. She was one of the most loving and sweetest of the Bostons we have owned. I had decided not to breed the Bostons again after loosing Panda until Lacie came into our lives. She had already had a litter without any problems so when she came into heat, we decided to see what would happen. She had four beautiful babies that could just be the sweetest puppies we have ever had here but although AKC registerable, they had tail defects and we did not register any of the pups. Lacie disappeared the evening of October 11, 2012 without a trace. 

Starfire's China Doll 

(The first China!)     

Doing her favorite thing......hunting for that

  illusive mouse in the hay rack.

          Starfire's Ming Dynasty doing his favorite                       Starfire's LL Jumping Bean         

Starfire's Licorice                                                                                         Dress up day     

Our first Boston doing her favorite thing.....                                             Booger, Bean and China as they enjoyed

            mothering goat kids and a kitten.                                                    many of their days during Kassy's childhood.

    Our puppies can fly too!                                                                  Hazen and my favorite thing to do!  

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